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About Me


I’m Andrea. I’m a homesteader, a homeschooling mother to three beautiful kiddos, wife to a pretty wonderful man, and friend to some of the most incredible people on the planet. I am an advocate for womens' rights and empowerment through pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. As a botany & organic agriculture geek, I'm passionate about regenerative food production and engaging our culture & children in the appreciation of our environment.  As an entrepreneur who created an operated an independent natural parenting store for over a decade, I'm passionate about local economic security, thriving neighborhoods, and responsibly manufactured products. I love all sorts of craftiness, hiking, camping, gardening, my amazing goats, and whatever outdoorsy stuff I can get. I'm into good music, good food, and continued learning & exploration in this crazy journey of life. Oh, and chocolate…

My qualifiations: I'm simply an open-minded, passionate, perpetual student. I balance a thirst for scientific knowledge with an understanding of the limitations of research, and am grounded in intuition and trust in nature's complexity and wisdom. My personal, formal, and informal training is ongoing- I'm continually learning; my ideas evolve as I incorporate new research and ancient wisdom, personal experiences and human connection into a greater knowing. For those who like details, it's been a lot of reading, listening, participating, exploring, living, connecting, and the following:

-BSc.(Agr.), Honours, NSAC/Dalhousie, 2006

-DONA Birth Doula Training & Certification, 2008

-Lamaze childbirth preparation series, 2008

-Birthed my first baby & became a mother, 2009

-Hypnobirthing childbirth preparation series, 2010
-Biologix Blood Born Pathogens Training for Doulas and Professionals in Placenta Encapsulation, yearly 2011-2020

-NS Food Hygeine (Handling) Course, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019
-Making A Difference, Level 1 Training (20-hour breastfeeding course for health professionals), 2011
-Birthing from Within workshops: Birth as a Hero’s Jouney, Birth Story Medicine, 2011
-Various education workshops with the Nova Scotia Doulas Association
-Educational sessions with Chebucto Family Centre’s volunteer doula program
-Reiki Level I training, 2012
-Reiki Level II training, 2012

-Midwifery Education 101 with Gloria Lemay, 2012

-Birthed my second baby independently at home, 2013

-Speaker & Participant, Womyns Summit, 2014

-Off to the Breast Start! Breastfeeding Conference, 2015

-Participant, Womyns Summit, 2015

-Babywearing Educator Training & Certification (30 hours), Centre for Babywearing Studies, 2015

-Transformational Leadership (40  hours), 2017

-Birthed my third baby, 2017

-Participant, Womyns Summit, 2017 & 2018

-Transformational Leadership II (40 hours), 2019

-Owner of Enchanted Forest Natural Parenting Inc, 2011-2020

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