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My Birth Philosophy


I trust birth, in all its beautiful intricacy, and I trust in the strength and wisdom and power of women. Birth is normal, and natural, and women are made for it. I know how birth can be feared and misunderstood in our culture- how a lifetime of “Hollywood childbirth” can leave mothers fearful of labour, and partners feeling helpless in their supportive role. I know that with support, expectant parents can build the confidence and skills they will need to enter this transformative time with confidence in their ability to cope with labour’s intensity. With support, parents can prepare for and approach birth with their unique philosophy and goals, but also be prepared to cope with the unexpected, so they can birth in awareness and empowerment, regardless of how it unfolds.


As a birth doula, I provide non-judgmental support. I am here to support you. I support your educated and informed choices- your ideal birth as you define it. I offer my mind, my heart, and my hands to support you and your partner, to help you achieve a beautiful, memorable, and empowering experience as you make the transition to parenthood.

My Role as a Birth Doula


I am a DONA-trained birth doula, serving growing families in Truro, NS, and surrounding areas. My goal is to help you take charge of your pregnancy and birth- to become educated about your options, make informed decisions about your care, and empower you to advocate for yourself. I help you to explore your ideas, hopes, and fears about pregnancy, birth, and early parenting, and learn about normal physiological birth. I help you to learn ways to cope with labour’s intensity- including its unpredictability- and guide your partner in providing effective support for you, so that you can approach birth with confidence and trust. I provide compassionate, continuous labour support (including advocacy and physical, emotional, and informational support) to help you have a positive, empowering birth experience. After the birth of your baby, I offer the support you need for processing your experience, breastfeeding, and confident early parenting.


***Although I am continuing to offer placenta remedy preparation services, I am now homeschooling my three children, building my own strawbale home, tending a herd of goats and building a farm, while also working a remote job from home. The time commitments and on-call nature of birth doula work are not currently feasible for my family. I am happy to refer families to other birth doulas, traditional birth attendants, breastfeeding educators and others who may be able to support them. I will not be taking on new birth doula clients (Serving previous birth doula clients only) for the next few years, but expect to return to birth work in the future as the needs and realities of my family and this phase of life change***

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