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Placenta Remedies

Nature's script for a happy, healthy postpartum!

For thousands of years, midwives and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners have revered the placenta as a powerful source of rejuvenating medicine. Many mothers worldwide benefit from its healing properties, and honour the placenta in ceremony for sustaining the life of the child in the womb. More and more women in our culture are embracing the time-tested wisdom of placental remedies, and are rediscovering how these remedies can transform their postpartum experience. Click on the following image to view a CTV Live at 5 feature that documents the experiences of two local mothers with placenta remedies.

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I provide the following Placenta Services to families all across Nova Scotia. You may choose just the powder/capsules, or add any additional remedies or keepsakes that you wish. The tincture and salve use only about one day's worth of powder each, so choosing these additional remedies does not significantly decrease the number of capsules you will receive. Repeat clients save 20% on placenta services.

Placenta Remedies
  • Placenta Encapsulation $200. Placenta encapsulation is the process of carefully preparing your placenta to create placenta pills/capsules. This is a very popular placenta remedy, as encapsulation provides a convenient, tasteless, and palatable mode of consumption.

  • Placenta powder $175. Your placenta is prepared but powder is not encapsulated in pill form. This is an ideal option for those who cannot easily swallow pills. The powder can be added to smoothies, yogurt, etc.

  • Placenta Tincture Preparation $40. Placenta tinctures can be used after capsules pills are gone, and last a lifetime. The tincture can also be used to make a placenta essence as well as a homeopathic remedy (consult your homeopathic practitioner). Your tincture takes 6 weeks to complete and is shipped or delivered to you once ready.

  • Placenta & herb-infused salve $30. Placenta has been a key ingredient in healing and beauty creams and salves for many years due to its skin restorative qualities. I prepare your soothing salve using nourishing oils infused with healing herbs and a small amount of your placenta powder.

Placenta Keepsakes
  • Placenta Prints $30. The placenta’s veins, arteries, and the cord create a beautiful image of a tree; in fact the placenta is considered the Tree of Life by many cultures around the world. I capture the beauty of the placenta through artistic prints. Prints are made on heavy acid-free paper, using the natural blood or pigments as the printing medium. This produces a stunning image of the placenta, suitable for framing or treasuring in an album.

  • Cord Keepsake (complimentary with other services if desired). The umbilical cord was the physical link between mother and baby during pregnancy, and many parents want to honour this link with a cord keepsake. I prepare the cord and preserve it in a heart, infinity symbol, or spiral shape. Some parents save the cord in a keepsake box or album. Some parents choose to bury the cord in ceremony, often under a special plant or tree, with a wish for the child to always return home, and remain grounded throughout life.

Frequently Asked Questions

When and how do I contact you if I want you to prepare my placenta remedies?

You can book your services by completing the Placenta Services Agreement Form here. If you have any questions before booking your services, or if the online agreement form gives you any troubles, please reach out to me, I am happy to help! To confirm your booking, I will need a $50 deposit; this ensures that I will have all supplies on-hand to prepare your remedies in a timely fashion. This will also give us time to discuss remedy options and transportation plans, as well as contingency plans in the event that your baby's due date coincides with my planned family vacation etc. Getting all of these details out of the way before birth is ideal, so that I can simply prepare and deliver your remedies as soon as possible after birth. This leaves you free to focus on your new baby, instead of sorting out these details. That being said, if you decide after the birth of your baby that you would like me to prepare your placenta remedies, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Will the hospital release my placenta to me? What do I need? How do I store it?

Most hospitals will release the placenta to the new parents without even raising an eyebrow (placenta remedies are becoming more mainstream, so this is not considered a strange request), unless there is concern about the placenta or mother/baby that warrants investigation of the placenta by the pathology lab. It is important to state your preference in your birth plan if you write one, and have your doula or partner remind your medical care team of your wishes at the time of birth, so the placenta is not unintentionally disposed of. You will receive information and a handy checklist when you book your remedy preparation services, but it is simple- your healthcare team will double-bag the placenta, which can then be kept on ice in a small cooler or insulated lunch bag in your hospital room until ready for transport. For home births, the same holds true- double bag the placenta in freezer ziplocks and keep in the refrigerator or on ice in a cooler. If you are on the fence about placenta remedies, it is wise to still keep your placenta just in case- freeze it within 4 days of birth, and then you'll have it if you decide to have remedies prepared later in your postpartum journey. More detailed guidance on placenta release, care, and transport is located here.


How do you get the placenta and when do I receive my finished remedies?

When your baby is born, contact me to share your joyous news! If you are a local (Truro, NS) client, I can pick up your placenta from your home or the hospital, or you can have a friend or family member deliver it to me. Most clients who birth in other areas of the province use Maritime Bus Courier Service to courier the placenta to Truro; this is a reliable and affordable (~$12-15) option that provides transport 3-4 days per week. Some families choose to have a friend or family member deliver the placenta to me instead. The remainder of your services fee is due at this time, and can be paid by email transfer, cheque, or cash. Your remedies (aside from tinctures) will be ready in 24-48 hours, and will be returned to you promptly. Remedies come with guidelines for ingestion, as well as phone and email support if you ever need guidance or have questions.

How many pills/capsules will I receive?

Placentas vary greatly in size and composition, and can generate anywhere from 80-300 capsules each. The average placenta yields about 150 capsules. If you choose other remedies in addition to your capsules, you will receive fewer capsules, but don't let this stop you! A tincture or salve only require the equivalent of about one day's supply of capsules each. Choose whatever remedies you feel drawn to!

Can you make remedies out of my placenta that has been frozen since my child's birth X number of months ago?

Provided that the placenta was refrigerated within 4 hours of birth and frozen within 4 days of birth, and has been stored well and protected from freezer-burn, placenta remedies can still be prepared from a placenta that is up to 6-9 months old, or possibly even longer. Food storage guidelines are usually followed (6 months for frozen meat), but some parents are more lenient with these guidelines. Would you consume meat that had been frozen for 6 months? 1 year? Longer? Your answer is a matter of food safety and your personal acceptance of the risk of foodborne illness. Fresh is best for placenta remedies, as with food. Some B vitamin levels are reduced during freezing, but other factors are thought to remain intact. Remedies can still be made from frozen placentas months after birth and most mothers who have chosen to use these remedies report positive experiences.

What about safety?


I'm glad you asked, because safety is VERY important when dealing with placentas and blood products! I have over a decade of experience as a placenta services provider. I carry a current certificate in Bloodborne Pathogens and Diseases Training (adheres to OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.1030), as well as a current Food Handler's Certificate. My sanitation protocol meets or exceeds all standards for the prevention of transmission bloodborne infections and foodborne illness and pathogens (a risk assessment of my protocol was completed by Public Health many years ago). I follow universal precautions with strict sanitation protocols to ensure your safety (and mine!). I never have more than one client's placenta in my workspace at a time, so here is ZERO risk of receiving another client's remedies.

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